Purpose and   completeness

With "Purpose and Completeness." Agape12 reconfirms its narrative on the evolution of contemporary living one step further, presenting its comprehensive and multifaceted product offering through a selection of spatial solutions and new designs. Objects and systems designed for architecture, whose dimensional, functional and aesthetic versatility enables them to explore its boundaries while, at the same time, indicating future directions.

A series of episodes follow each other along the store presenting new and interesting interpretations on the contemporary domestic landscape: effortlessly complete solutions, each with its own mood and intent, capable of maintaining a stimulating degree of abstraction while highlighting the strength of Agape12's complementary brand offering.

Timeless sensibilities decline variety and simplicity. Surfaces become objects that play with sculptural forms and rigorous geometries in the curated lighting, carefully following function while always playing by the same, unwritten design rules throughout every environment, uniting every proposal in an easy to read ensemble bathing in the pure whiteness of the showrooms envelope.