Mesh Topology.

The project explores the unexpected topologies of living, amplifying the possible interactions among Agape12’s partner companies taking part in the exhibition: its 850 square meters of space unfold as environments waiting to be explored, reminiscent of life-sized mood boards.

Color fields on the walls are punctuated with inserts of different materials, displayed like paintings, offering ideas and inspiration. Free diagonals and symbols allude to connections and relations among forms, materials, and furnishings. Along with the mood boards, they all come together to offer new interpretations of the contemporary domestic landscape.

Each partner’s contributions become elements in a rich, variegated, and unified collective design. “Mesh Topology” is the story told by the diverse visions on display at Agape12. This single showroom offers possibilities for every aspect of living space design, from interior finishes to lighting and accessories, and its new layout reaffirms the shared design philosophy of the space and its partner brands.